Our fishing methods are exclusively light tackle trolling, jigging, casting, or using bait; it all really depends on what tactic we believe will give us the best chance to catch fish. Our methods are not as strenuous as most larger charter boat methods and they provide a sporting experience for the experienced or brand new angler. 

For sea bass and other bottom fish we will use frozen clams and squid which are the most effective methods of catching these bottom dwellers. Again we use light tackle methods to catch striped bass, bluefish, black sea bass, scup, flounder, and fluke. Tuna are the most difficult fish that we catch, but they are also the most rewarding. This hard fighting fish is the ultimate thrill. We will troll, cast or jig for tuna as well. Whatever method we use on any given
day, we are always going to do our best to make sure you catch fish.

We're glad you found the Sea Dog Fishing Team and Charters website! We welcome you to jump aboard and become a member of the Sea Dog Team. Your Captain is Paul Spear, a USCG Licensed Captain, who has been fishing all his life. Captain Spear is a guide used by the Freedom Boat Club of Dennis for all members on their journey to become experienced fishermen.

Main fishing grounds are a short ride and within sight of the shore inside Cape Cod Bay. You will almost always have a good view of beautiful places like Barnstable Harbor, Mayflower Beach, and the vast coastline of Cape Cod. The waters off Cape Cod offer many opportunities and wonderful sights so come on board and become a member of our team!

Our boat is a 24’ Boston Whaler Outrage with brand new twin engines. Boston Whaler is renowned for its' safety and comfortable ride. Charters can be booked on weekends in the spring from mid-May until June when we go every day until the end of the summer.